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2004 530d Fault Codes

BMW forum 5 series car: E12, E28, E34, E39, E60, E61, F07, F10, F11

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2004 530d Fault Codes

Postby GecHo » Sat, 04 Jul 2009 20:30:58 UTC

hi guys
thanks for all the info i have divulged so far but now for a little problem i have of my own
car is awsome and very fast but i have found if its left to tick over/idle for a few minutes then i try to accelerate hard so it goes fast, it does all the noises and normal stuff but just does not go very fast and i mean just like the turbo is not there but straight after a restart its just fine until i drive it very slow and just cruise nice and steady it does it again.
my friend has read these fault codes but is still unsure what the problem is

4030 exhaust backpressure sensor before particulate filter,signal
4203 glow control unit
4212 glow plug, cylinder 1
4242 glow p-lug cylinder 4
4252 glow plug cylinder 5
4262 glow plug, cylinder 6
3f57 charge-air pressure controller

dont have a problem starting
my car is
2004 530d e60 with 47,000 miles
just serviced with 0-30 castrol full synthetic
new bosch fuel and oil filter
and a k&n air filter

fault was present before service and also present after service

any help would be appreciate it


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Postby GecHo » Tue, 07 Jul 2009 19:35:59 UTC

anyone :)

help me

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Postby TheEnd » Tue, 07 Jul 2009 21:13:35 UTC

Charge air pressure controller - that would seem to be your main problem. ... g=11&fg=45
Part 1 here.

Also known as the boost controller, or boost solenoid, this allows or denies vacuum through to the wastegate actuator, so controls the amount of boost. It looks like this is failing and keeping the wastegate open, and you loose all boost.

The glowplug controller also seems dodgy, and then flags problems with the individual glowplugs, and finally it looks like a simple sensor failure on a pressure transducer in the exhaust.

In reality, there can be other problems, ie, mechanical problems with the wastegate or the hoses.
I'm not certain, but i'd assume the wastegate is normally open, and the vacuum closes it (it's safer this way, otherwise if you had a split hose, it would boost itself to death) If this is the case, a leak at this hose would cause it to boost less, the car would see this on the MAP sensor, and assume the vac control isn't working.
** so - have a look here for damaged hoses or vac problems before buying a new solenoid **

Glowplugs - it's hard to say what has happened here, maybe if 4 suddenly don't appear when it check over their resistance, it will assume the controller is faulty rather than 4 seperate problems all coming at once. I'd take a look at fuses and relays, then glowplug wiring first before spending money.

Backpressure sensor-signal.
This it quite a nice code. not nice as in getting it is nice, but nice that it says signal, unfortunately it doesn't say what about the signal is wrong.
This sensor keeps an eye on the pressure in the exhaust. The particulate filter traps soot in something a little like a catalytic convertor, and when it gets too full, the sensor reports the pressure increase (like a clogged filter) and it activates DPF regeneration, where it burns off the soot at a very high temp.
Either the sensor is sending no signal, or a signal out of range (way too high, way too low) or it is implausible, ie, swaps suddenly from high to low which, although they might be within what it normally expects, it knows there is no way it'd change that fast.

If other people have had this, then it could be just a bad sensor, but beforehand, check over the exhaust system for bangs, dents or leaks, and the plug connections on the sensor for water ingress.

So there you have it. No simple fixes, but at least a point in the right direction.

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Postby GecHo » Sun, 09 Aug 2009 13:56:17 UTC

thanks for the in depth post and what you say does make sense
my mechanic friend has plugged in some device yesterday which records live data so this should give us more info
if im correct the back presure sensor looks like someone has been investigating this problem before
the previous owner may have sold the vehicle because of this fault

thanks again

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