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bmw e46 318i fault code

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bmw e46 318i fault code

Postby sps » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 19:35:53 UTC

the car is a bmw 318i e46 with a 2litre n42 engine

just had fault codes read from my local indy.

the check engine light had come on.

i was told that 2 codes had come up-2738-catalytic converter conversion bank 1.-was told it could be 7 or 8 possibilities by the indy-he wanted £120 just to trace the fault precisely-told me it was intermittent and emmisons test was fine hence the catalytic converter was fine.-so i just told him to reset it.

there is an oil leak from the rear rocker cover area dripping onto the cat.-this usually vaprises and burnt oil fumes can be seen emitting from the rear of the engine.

the other was camshaftt sensor intake-code 2781-this sensor was replaced .and the fault code cleared.-paid £120.50 .

does anyone have any info/clarity on the 2738 cat code?

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