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F31 cargo bay cover breaks easily so be careful

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F31 cargo bay cover breaks easily so be careful

Postby GunRunner » Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:35:54 UTC

Just to let owners of this car know that the cargo bay cover locking mechanism is more flimsy than its predecessor (e91). I cannot remember all the details or be completely sure of my facts so I will not post details of how it happened, but my car is now on its 3rd cover.

Be aware on the F31, the rear cross section that supports the rear seats now separates out into two parts (removable rear seat support plus a clip in cargo bay cover) and allows for removal of the cover independently as opposed to it being one complete piece as it is on the E91.

So, I had to visit the dealership within a day or so of car purchase because the cover kept flying up to its top position and blocking my rear view. The separate rear cover was replaced and about a week later the same happened again. A new one was supplied and the dealer representative visited me in an evening and fitted it and he broke it. :red card:

I rang the dealership next day to ask about progress, and he said they had tested the one in the showroom using the same procedure for locking/unlocking it and the parts manager had broken that one. So we now have two :red card: s. :salp head:

It appears that when you pull the cover down to its flat position, you MUST NOT twist the handle downwards as if to lock it into position, because if you do, then you have a good chance of breaking the spring on the right hand side of the cover and it will will not ever again lock the cover into is flat position.

I wonder if they will re-asses and redesign it.
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