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N43 vs N46? engine on 07+ 318i

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N43 vs N46? engine on 07+ 318i

Postby dada44 » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 02:56:41 UTC

Buying a 318i Auto.

Doing research, it seems that from 07+, the N43 (efficient dynamic w/ higher horsepower) is used in the 318i.

the previous engine, numbered confusingly higher as the N46, was used in the cars 05-56.

Just wondering what the general consensus of the new engines are? I was planning to buy a 55 or 56. Is it worth shelling out an extra £1k+, to get the newer engine?


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Postby bruno8621 » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 20:10:00 UTC


There is 3 variants of the N43 engine:
N43 B16 O0 90kW / 122HP 160Nm
N43 B20 O0 125kW / 170HP 210Nm
N43 B20 U0 105kW / 143HP 190Nm

and 5 in the N46:
N46 B18 85kW / 116HP 175Nm
N46 B20 95kW / 129HP 180Nm
N46 B20 105kW / 143HP 200Nm
N46 B20 110kW / 150HP 200Nm
N46 B20 O0 110kW / 150HP 200Nm

The N43 is proving to be a really good engine.
Lacks a bit of torque at low RPM but in the upper rev range is very good.
Consumption is close to 40mpg.

The 318's LCI use the 1995cm3 N43 B20 U0 105kW / 143HP/190Nm.

The 320's LCI use the 1995cm3 N43 B20 O0 125kW / 170HP/210Nm

Pay the extra 1k :wink:
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Postby bmdub » Fri, 05 Mar 2010 16:46:42 UTC

Is there any way I can find out for definite which engine I have? I have a 318ci built in 2006. Trawling the 'net suggests it will be the 150hp N46B20; however I have seen 143hp quoted.

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