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Postby Roboscar22 » Fri, 01 Jun 2012 20:27:03 UTC

Hi I'm new here

I would like to share my experience with you all be it bad however it's has a good out come

On the 28 march I had a loss of power the revs would not go over 3000rpm
Vehicle was taken to my repairer who advised me the turbo had gone

They replaced turbo still the same (lots of £££££)

Hmmmm not sure what to do now

Ok so I took the car to elms BMW where they replaced the inlet manifold and de coked egr etc

Fault still there

I was told by BMW dpf was blocked (no dpf light on) they told me that they would try to re generate but this did not work they then advised m to put a new dpf filter on it so this is what I did

WOW fixed

Not for long a week later a loss of power again I took the dpf off and was again blocked and again the car can't seam to re generate it's self

I have a idea

because my car is a 2006 vehicle and the dpf was a after thought at that point maybe I would donna my old dpf and took the insides out this took me 30 mis tops

I checked with my pals at BMW and another guy I know
We all agreed that because the back pressure from the dpf would never build up the vehicle would never need to re generate

the car is now fixed job done and all it cost me was my time (and no smoke) not that it did anyway

If you wanted to pay it safe you could pay for a remap this would cost around £200.00 and would give you extra BHP
And I have still got the old dpf just in case I need to pop it on for a mot
Not a short turn fix is to jet was the dpf it does work make sure the water gets nice and worm

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Postby snrbrtsn » Sun, 03 Jun 2012 21:47:51 UTC


Whilst I'm pleased at your results, I do not think you are tackling the problem.
I say this having suffered similar fate with my E60, I done the cleaning method, short term fix
With what you have done, you will over spool your turbo as there is no back pressure, ideally what you need is the remap for dpf delete not necessarily a power increase map,the software whilst you think is defective shall be running other checks
It may be worth a read on the E60 forum as similar engine plenty of covered posts, I only came here to get advice on the x5 - sorry I know it's less than tuppence worth
Found what I couldn't find! But now looking for something else petrol driven :oops:
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Postby dynoman » Tue, 05 Jun 2012 10:30:30 UTC

You are going to have problems if you haven't had someone make correct changes in the software of the ecu. The ecu will still be taking readings and evaluating what it sees from the sensors and making corrections accoringly.

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