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Road Angel Gem - Anyone else have an opinion?

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Road Angel Gem - Anyone else have an opinion?

Postby rogersmj » Sun, 03 Jun 2012 16:06:11 UTC

Hi all,

i've just upgraded my Pogo Alert+ camera detector to the new Road Angel Gem from Networx Automotive (fantastic company who i've used many times before). Must admit i'm not initial that impressed with the Gem after 2 weeks! :-(. Thought i'd give you my opinion on the unit in case anyone else is thinking about getting it...

Its a very small unit with a colour screen and only a few keys, the look is what I was after, small and compact so it would fit on the right hand side of the dash nice and easily. There was also a few other things I was originally impressed with which made me buy this, however most of them came with an issue;

(1) Has a magnetic base (similar to the old Road Angels) - very easy to put in the car and take out when you are parked up, plus its ability to move to any angle is great.

(2) Built in battery means you don't have to have it permanently attached to your cigarette socket - This was a total red herring - when you can actually get the unit to realise you want to charge it rather than look for satellites, it tells you its charging and after 20 minutes tells you the battery is fully charged.... you take the cable out of the socket and it immediately complains it has a low battery charge!! I've put the unit on charge overnight and still get the same problem.

(3) Simple menus that don't complicate things - Oh for a menu item to change that crappy sound!!! When it does detect a location where a camera van may be, the noise it makes is horrible! I guess this is good in a way as it does get your attention, but i'd love to be able to change it!

(4) Built in Laser detector as well as GPS - I've always looked for a detector which had the option of a laser detector, call me old fashioned but I feel that bit safer knowing that if PC Plod is around the corner with his speed gun, I have a very, very small chance of knowing that before he checks my speed, just in case i'm slightly over the limit..... However.... This units laser detector goes off again and again with false alarms - the last detector I had this problem with was one I bought years and years ago and neither my Road Angel Plus nor my Pogo Alert+ (which both had laser detectors on them) had anywhere near the number of false alarms this thing has already had after 2 weeks use! Its so bad i've switched off the laser part of the detector!

(5) Shows the speed limit of the road you are on - brilliant addition to the normal detector, there are a few detectors that do this now and I do find it a great bit of information to have when you are on a road.

(6) Accurate alerts - as this is based on GPS, the alerts are great, you can specify how far away from a camera site you want to be alerted and the unit doesn't disappoint - however, when the alert does pop up to tell you theres a camera site nearby, the speed limit of the road you are on doesn't show up as the box is used instead for a picture depicting what kind of camera site it is! So if you are going over the speed limit and you get a warning, you don't actually know what the original speed limit is! this is a very, very big problem with this unit in my eyes! Also I've been used to detectors which don't go off if you are below the speed limit of the road when a camera site is detected, this unit alerts you even if you are doing 5 miles an hour and theres a camera site up ahead! once again another thing the makers of the software haven't thought about.

(7) Easy to use - HMMMM!!! this is not easy to use at all. the buttons are small switches behind a rubber front and are very hard to press, the menus aren't that easy to navigate and you tend to keep pressing the wrong buttons and find you have to start again. As I said before the unit doesn't seem to know when it should be charging and when it should be looking for satellites - as i'm typing this out I have the unit next to me and am trying to charge it, but its looking for satellites again! arrggg!!!! :evil:

So thats my own opinion of this new Road Angel Gem, out of the 10 or so detectors I must have had over the last number of years, this is by far one of the hardest units to get on with, and i've only had it for 2 weeks. I'm going to see if I can get used to it, i've managed to get the software update to work and upgrade the firmware in the unit, however initial looks doesn't see any additional menus - not sure what the upgrade actually did, but hopefully this might help the laser detector?

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has this unit and see what their opinion of it is, maybe I just have a rogue unit!?!?!?

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