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16:9 widescreen install questions

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16:9 widescreen install questions

Postby 320de46m47 » Wed, 02 Apr 2008 15:02:35 UTC

I have a Tom Tom which I'm happy with so I am not particularly intersted in the BMW satnav. HOWEVER, last night I bought a satnav 16:9 LCD TV Nav Boardmonitor on fleabay as it was only £107 and i know they can sell for a lot more...thinking if i dont get anywhere i can bung it back on ebay. so now my next tentative project is unfolding ( i suspect the cost will be prohibitive) but what do i need to just make the tv function work.. i've read lots about the vav install but what if i can be happy with just tv maybe cassette and radio also...i dunno.

specifically i need a loom of some description?
do i need the b54 radiotuner?
the tv tuner?
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Postby ccfj1 » Wed, 02 Apr 2008 15:23:37 UTC

Hi Simon,

You've done well with the monitor, very cheap.

Heres a break down of whats needed

Headunit, either 16:9 or 4:3. (£400 - £100 - ebay) (you have one now).

Radio module bm54. (£150 - £300 - ebay)
Satnav computer either mk3 or mk4. (£100 - £350 - ebay)
Aircon relocation panel. (£30 - dealer)
Satnav loom. (£120- dealer)
Gps antenna (£5 -£20 ebay).
TV Tuner (£100-£300 - ebay)

For all this expect to pay, £400 - £1000 depending on spec and date of manufacture (newer the better/more expensive).

You don’t have to have the TV tuner, however, the TV tuner is the backup screen driver for the Monitor, so if the sat nav fails you have something on screen to fault find with.

The absolute minimum is the loom, monitor, radio, gps antenna, relocation panel and the santnav computer OR the TV module.

There have been quite a few on here who have done the retrofit, and while its not hard, it is time consuming and requires you to be methodical.

In addition to the above useful information, you can also download the official retrofit guide from the following link: ... tSedan.pdf

You can also check the following sites for additional guide:

If you do go down this route , get the retrofit lead fom the dealers, as it will be the correct on for you car.

hope this helps.
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