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525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

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525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby laurief » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 15:15:53 UTC

Sorry, for my first post to be a problem!

I bought an "approved used" 525d M Sport with 18K miles from the local BMW dealer a couple of weeks ago. I think it's referred to as the "LCI" (facelift) version of the last model.

While the salesman was doing the handover, I noticed that there was an intermittent "misfire" on idle. I say "misfire" as it's a bit of a jolt that you feel right through the car - I've no idea if that's what's happening. The saleman fetched a "technician", but of course it didn't do it again while he was there! I was told that the car hadn't been driven recently and the problem would go away with a bit of use - bring it back if it was still a problem. So I gave it over a week and a couple of long motorway journeys and of course it didn't get better, even worse intermittently it will "jolt" and lose power for a split second going uphill. When I took it into the dealer, it was misfiring as I parked it, but when I phoned back a few hours later I was told that there was nothing wrong with it. I spoke to the salesman and told him that I wanted a refund or replacement. This resulted in an immediate call back from the service manager who said that they would keep it in overnight and have one of their master technicians drive it home wired up to some diagnostics. Interestingly he also told me that it was misfiring while they drove it from the car park to the workshop, but wouldn't misfire when it was hooked up to the computer (so much for "nothing wrong with it").

I was pleased when they phoned this morning to say that they had fixed the problem, but less pleased when the car immediately started misfiring when I turned it on! I grabbed the service advisor and luckily it was still doing it as he was leaning on the open window he could feel the jolt.

After being left hanging around for a while, I was told that they think that this may be "normal behaviour" for a BMW 525d!! Apparently they are not sure and will be "checking" another used 525d and will "get back" to me. They SAY that they've found the major problem, which caused the "jolts" while driving uphill - but how do I know unless it happens again?

Sorry to write war and peace - but other drivers with the 6cyl 3l 525d LCI - do you intermittently get a group of "misfires" that jolt the car at idle and consider this normal?

I'm getting a sinking feeling that I'm just getting the runaround and have bought a very expensive lemon!

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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby Peter » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 15:53:45 UTC

Hi and welcome.

I'd wouldn't take any misfire as normal, that's not how an engine runs in good condition. 530, 525, 520d, pre or post LCI, makes no difference. Make them work harder to sort it for you. If an engine stumbles/misfires at start up, idle, or under load, there is something causing it.

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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby dandle » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 16:25:16 UTC

I have an LCI 530d and have never had any funny misfires.

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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby jasonh » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 21:45:50 UTC

That isn't normal. Something is definitely wrong with the car.

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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby bmwbmw » Sun, 18 Dec 2011 21:33:26 UTC

hi little late with the reply to your post but e60 diesel bmw's
are common for injector problems
also the flaps in the inlet manifold cause problems
and recently the 525d's have had a lot of problems the particulate filters

hope this helps if you still have problems...


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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby laurief » Sun, 18 Dec 2011 23:08:40 UTC

Thanks anyway, but this was fixed ages ago. After many visits and a lot of time off the road, it was finally diagnosed as the main "computer" (sorry, forget the proper name) and that was replaced and sorted the problem completely.

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Re: 525d LCI "misfire" - is this normal?

Postby bryntech » Sun, 18 Dec 2011 23:10:53 UTC

This definitely sounds like an injector issue, had the exact same problem on my 330cd albeit at 85,000 miles, if it does it frequently enough, it will eventually store a fault code (smooth running control or similar) to give the poor little part swappers (sorry, master technicians) at the dealership something to go on.
It's disgusting the way these tussers behave, a proper independent garage would acknowledge this issue with little persuasion, however with the dealers they treat you like you're some kind of idiot and give you the 'computer says no, schpeel'
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